1 CHURCH. 2 SITES:  Pontaluna Exit or Northside.
SUNDAYS AT 9:30 & 11:00 AM.




We are looking at expanding our impact for the next phase of our church:
EXPANDING OUR MISSION: everyone has a part to play as we grow our team & networks
EXPANDING OUR FACILITIES: putting down roots with more space to reach more people
EXPANDING OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERS: more projects & partners to bring light to our world

 All In Mission


Have you ever felt like you don't have a lot to offer or maybe you have wondered if you could really make a difference in this world? What if I told you God wanted to do incredible things in your life and He always does extraordinary things through ordinary people.

God sees the potential in you. You can make a big impact in this world. Together like a team, we can grow our influence and see God do great things in our lives and through our church.


To find out more about the mission and how you can play a part and join the team to go ALL IN, check out the ALL IN message series, the ALL IN: Respond page, or the Steps section of our website.