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Baptism at The Beach

Baptisms at the Beach
Sunday Night - August 27

We will have a special event for baptisms at the end of summer. We trying to make the most of summer so plan to come out to this Beach & Baptism event to celebrate what God is doing in peoples lives, hang out with some fellow journeyers and enjoy the lakeshore. 

Plan to meet at 6:00 pm to eat together at the grassy picnic and playground area by the Coast Guard Station at Pere Marquette. It's at the north end of the beach by what some people call "the ovals". Pack a picnic or some snacks to bring if you want. At 6:45 pm, we'll head down to the beach area and have baptisms. Feel free to bring some beach stuff so you can spend time at the beach after the event.


More info about baptisms here.
If you're interested in getting baptized, we will have information meetings on July 30 & August 6 right after church. Please plan to attend one of those meetings for all the details. If you are unable to make to the meeting, please contact our office.