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Every Christmas we have an opportunity to bringing hope, joy & love to people. Our annual Christmas Project is always a highlight and this year we are looking to flood our community with acts of kindess. LOVE CAN change everything one person, one small act at a time. The main ideas is to look beyond yourself this holiday season. Be looking for random opportunities to share God's love or plan some acts of kindness to spread love this holiday. This is a great opportunity to do something meaningful at work or school, with your family or in any random moments of this Christmas season. This project will make an impact in your life and the lives of others.


Below you can find all the details for the LOVE CAN CHRISTMAS PROJECT & how love can change everything this holiday season. You can pick up cards and booklets at church. You can read or share your story on the Facebook page here


This Christmas we are bringing back our Love Can Random Acts of Kindness. We’re asking everyone at The Journey to participate in performing some of these (or other) random acts of kindness over the next several weeks. It will make a difference in the lives of others and help us to grow in some of our Core Essentials like Live Generously and Look Beyond Yourself.

Grab a couple friends, go out with your family, or do something on your own. When you perform one of these acts of kindness, if possible, leave a Love Can card with it. The Love Can card will direct people to our Facebook event page where you or the recipient can share your stories of what love can do.

Sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest impact. LOVE CAN make a difference one person at a time.



1 Compliment a stranger.
2 Pay for a stranger’s meal at the drive thru.
3 Pay for someone’s groceries or a set amount of their groceries.
4 Leave quarters to pay for the next person’s wash at the laundromat.
5 Surprise someone with a cupcake, muffin, cookie, etc.
6 Return a shopping cart for someone to save them the trip.
7 Pay for bus rides for 5-10 people.
8 Pay for someone’s gas at the pump.
9 Pay for someone’s coffee at the drive-thru.
10 Buy a pop or vending machine snack & leave it for someone else.
11 Buy donuts/coffee or bake bread or cookies for school or police/fire staff.
12 Play Ding Dong Ditch! Put a box of ding dongs on a friends doorstep, ring the doorbell and run!
13 Leave some groceries, an envelope with money, or a Meijer gift card on the doorstep of someone in need. Ring the door bell & run!
14 Donate diapers & wipes to a pregnancy center or Every Woman’s Place.
15 Give out Pop Rock treats to be put in teacher’s mailboxes saying “you rock!”.
16 Leave chocolate for a co-worker.
17 Pay for someone’s lunch & have the server give them a Love Can card.
18 Give your server as large a tip as you can and leave a Love Can card.
19 Have your family rake a neighbor’s lawn when they’re gone.
20 Know someone who just had a baby or another major life event? Bring a meal, offer to clean up their house, or do a load of laundry for them.
21 Go be the cheering section at a neighbors kid’s game.
22 This one time, give something to the homeless person you normally by-pass even if you’re not sure what they’ll do with the money.
23 Offer to babysit for free for that stressed parent you know.
24 Go to the dollar store and tape a Love Can card and a dollar to various items in the store, essentially paying for it for someone.
25 Buy roses & hand them out to older ladies at the store. Bonus if you can have your kids do this.
26 Leave something nice in your mailbox for your mail person.
27 Bring in the neighbors’ trash cans & yard waste cans.
28 Send a hand written note to someone thanking them for the role they’ve played in your life.
29 Leave a bouquet of flowers at the hospital. Nurses will know who needs it the most.
30 Shower the pediatric wing of the hospital with $1 coloring books, and new crayons.
31 Let people go in front of you in a long line.
32 Hand someone a gift card: Starbucks, restaurant, gas card, etc.
33 Hold doors open with a flourish for people.


The ideas listed above are just possibilities.

Feel free to use any of your own creative ideas to share the love by serving others.