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Who are you becoming?

So where are we going? Why are we taking next steps? For us at The Journey Church, it’s not about just doing some religious things; it’s about who you are becoming. We want to take steps to become a collection of people who are in a relationship with Jesus that changes us to experience our best life.

These core essentials are our target. We are all at different spots in our relationships and we all need to take steps in all of these areas. If you are still exploring a relationship with Jesus, you might want to start with a Beginnings Group, check out the starting line pack available at the Next Steps Center or look at the First Steps page.

The Core Essential pages below have readings, thoughts, and tools to help take your next steps. It’s not a check list of things to do, but a resource to help you discover who we are trying to become in relationships, not religion. We hope this will help you experience your best life.

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Look at the 6 Core Essentials. It's about who you are becoming.
In what ways have you taken steps? In which Core Essentials do you want to take steps?

Are you taking steps in all 3 of the key relationships...with Jesus? Are you involved with some other people where you help them & they help you take steps in life? Are you connected with a few people where you're helping them explore Jesus?

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