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Have you ever tried to be intentional and consistent about exercising or running to stay in shape? It can be easy to give up if you don’t have a few others to run with to encourage you to keep at it. It helps to work out or go running with a few other people. The same is true when it comes to taking our next steps in a relationship with God. It’s better to learn about and follow God with a few other people, rather than trying to figure it all out by ourselves. Running Partners are designed so a few people can consistently and intentionally help each other through the journey of life so God can do more in an through us.

If you are interested in Running Partners or want more info, fill out the online Connect Card.




Each week we provide questions for Running Partner Groups to follow up the message from Sunday. You may view or print the questions for discussion with your Running Partners.  They are available on the Current Series Page or the Bible App.



1) Ask a few others to be Running Partners from your Network, volunteering, or friends in your community.

2) Set a time to meet consistently together for 1 hour every week or two over breakfast, dessert, or a drink. 

3) Go through the Running Partner Questions that are connected to the current series at The Journey. They are set up for discussions, easy to follow, and gives a guide for taking steps in our relationship with Jesus.  They are designed so a few people can learn and take steps together.

You can find the current Running Partner Questions on the Current Series Page or the Bible App. You can find more details here on how to use the Bible App

4) Our Core Essentials help us take steps in who we are becoming.  We'll develop these as we go.

5) There needs to be a point person for each Running Partner group. If you are the point person, read through the Running Partner Guide and email us at nextsteps@thejourneycc.com so we can encourage and support you along the way.