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You can get a religious experience anywhere, but we focus on relationships - a relationship with God and with each other. The Journey is about people just like you reaching out and connecting with God. We desire to be a safe place for people to reach out to God, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. So come explore God, take next steps in your relationships and experience church in a new way.



Those are words you don't usually hear when someone describes their church. However, The Journey is not your typical church. So here's the Top Ten Things You Need to Know for Your Visit:

10) The Journey is a casual, relaxed atmosphere. You can dress up but you'll stand out. Want to wear shorts, jeans, a t-shirt, flip-flops?  Well, that's what the pastors will be wearing.

9) Our music is kinda loud.  Just letting you know up front! We do provide ear plugs.

8) Darth Vader has made multiple appearances at The Journey.

7) Only carrying some Benjamins? Well, at The Journey we're more concerned about you than your money. We don't pass offering plates and we encourage guests not to give.

6) We have awesome kids programs during the service, for those 3 month - 5th Grade. Your kids will love it, the rooms are great, and you can relax for an hour.  Pretty sweet, huh?! You might want to show up a little early to get your kids checked in.

5) Plan to hear great music, to laugh, and not to be bored. Creativity is at the core of our Sunday services.  Whether it’s some stupid Journey humor, a great video to make you think, or a message that talks about real life issues, we’ll help you connect with God in a creative way.

4) Want to bring your skinny cinnamon dolce latte with you?  No problem. Sip away during the service. But dude, isn't that a little girly? No time for Starbucks? No Breakfast? We have the Journey Java Bar with free coffee and a variety of drinks and pastries for 50 cents to $1.

3) If you’re new to church, you’re not alone.  Over 60% of Journeyers weren’t going to church anywhere before they showed up here.  So, you’re among friends.

2) You won’t be asked to stand up, raise your hand, or tell us your life story.  Just thought you’d want to know.

1) You might just find a place where you and your family can connect with God, connect with others, and even reconnect with each other.

It’s a journey and we’d love for you to join us along the way.